Energy Consulting

Optimizing Fuel Usage

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Case Study

Value Proposition:
Using Reactor Coast Down and Stochastic Fuel Plan Optimization, Utilities Can Save the Value of 8 or More Full Power Days per Cycle


  • Saving of 8 or more effective full power days (EFPD)
  • Eliminate risk of unamortized fuel write offs
  • Economic power risk over 7 to 21 days can be quantified
  • The outage calendar can be optimized over 1 or 2 cycles
  • Cost of implementation per cycle in fuel budget

Competitive Advantages:

  • Minimize replacement power costs
  • Optimize fuel usage compared to previous cycles
  • Buffer all outages with the flexible coast down
  • Improve profitability with the cost of a FTE per cycle 

Solution: Use Altametric Proprietary Stochastic Optimization