Our company primarily serves customers in the Finance and Energy sectors. We provide the most advanced risk definition, measurement, provenance and data management services available. From financial structuring to advanced system design, we create growth and avoid catastrophe.

Quantitative Objectivity

We distinguish ourselves with open-minded, quantitative analysis. We provide our customers with answers based on mathematical and computation techniques. Just the facts, and only the facts.

Where Altametric Makes A DifferencE

Exploration: We take in every piece of information the customer provides and complete the extraction, translation and loading phase.

Examination: We use R, Python and Jupyter extensively. All open source packages, thoroughly reproducible by the client.

Exposition: We finish each project with a complete report, unbiased and understandable.

Education: We have a network of the best academics in the fields of energy and finance. We also can teach your employees how to use R, Python, Jupyter and Apache Spark.