Our company primarily serves customers in the Finance and Energy sectors. We provide the most advanced risk definition, measurement, provenance and management services available. From financial structuring to advanced system design, we create growth and avoid catastrophe.

Quantitative Objectivity

We distinguish ourselves with open-minded, quantitative analysis. We provide our customers with answers based on mathematical and computative techniques.

Where Altametric Makes A Difference

 We advise companies following the public announcement of material changes that may represent a significant business opportunity. We advise service companies integrating acquisitions, restructuring organizations or executing other initiatives that can change earnings in a significant way.

How We Succeed

Altametric provides strategic and logistic expertise derived from initiating, participating and analyzing many of these events. Our approach is based on a comprehensive set of measures and models. We handle the "one-time" problems, so management can focus on continuing operations and profitability.